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In selling you want to ensure you are getting the best possible price for your home. At Cotton Realty & Associates we are experts at getting you that best price. For many the question is what do I need to do to ensure that. There are several factors to consider that at Cotton Realty we will guide you through:


Marketing your property to the most qualified buyers you can is critical to achieving a fast sell and at the best price.  Imagine selling a collectible at a garage sale in your front yard versus Ebay.  Which way do you think would provide a more top dollar result?  Unless you put together the largest garage sale in the world, probably Ebay.  And the reason of course is because you are reaching a much broader audience and an audience that may be interested in that specific collectible thus driving up the price.  With our listings there are multiple ways we will reach a broad audience and the right audience:

  1. Excellent MLS listing (i.e., great pictures, great description, detailed, etc.).
  2. Quality listing sign at house.
  3. Mass e-mail flyer announcement of listing going to over 11,000 agents in Orlando.
  4. Social media awareness from our Facebook page, Twitter account.
  5. Quality website and featured listing section on home page.
  6. Open houses frequently and announced. A notice of the open house will be posted in MLS, an email flyer going to over 11,000 agents will be sent out and multiple signs will be put at the nearest major road leading to your open house.
  7. And don’t forget we work harder than everyone else!

In marketing real estate to get top dollar it is critical to reach as much of the right audience as possible.   For example, when you list with Cotton Realty & Associates we give you a commitment to provide you with a status update via e-mail or phone (whichever the client prefers) no less than once a week on the showings, upcoming open houses and current market conditions in your houses area. One of the common things that happened to people selling their homes in ’07-’10 was falling behind the market. The value of real estate during that period was going down and many sellers were not keeping up with market and chased it down for months and months, even years, which led to many of them selling at a much lower price than if they had been current on market conditions and adapted much sooner. Our goal at Cotton Realty & Associates is to keep our clients the most informed so these mistakes never happen.

Often times when we come across a “for sale by owner” home, the owner may have a home that is in great condition and priced well but doesn’t sell. One of the main reasons for this is of course lack of marketing, but another reason is lack of feedback. It is hard to improve or understand what needs to be done when you don’t get honest feedback. And rarely do people feel comfortable providing direct feedback to the person who has put their own sweat and dollars into the home.

At Cotton Realty & Associates, we work hard in obtaining feedback from all showings and open houses to ensure we are gathering all pertinent information that could lead us to a faster sell and at the best price.

Properly stage the home.  For some this may mean a re-arranging of what is there, possibly eliminating  some clutter or even hiring a company to stage.

Is there is a budget to do any renovations?  No matter the size of the renovation if the dollars spent will return plus some when selling it is something to consider.  Sometimes inexpensive changes go a long way in the value (i.e., paint, light fixtures, etc.).  At Cotton Realty we have a list of approved contractors to do quality work and at a great price.


Sellers Closing Costs

Real Estate Sales Commission  – Sales Commission

Florida Government Related Fees – Doc Stamps on Purchase Price ($.70 per $100 of sale price)

Title Agent Fees Estimates – Settlement / Closing,  Title Search

Owner Title Policy  – Title Agent Fees

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